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Today is Tue 17 Jan, 2017
Welcome to - the UK's only ISP dedicated to users of Linux and Open Source/Free Software, and the best online Linux resource in the UK.
What we offer free*:
  • Unlimited access for both modem and ISDN users with speeds up to 128kb/s
  • Unlimited email addresses in the form as well as
  • A choice of either POP3 or SMTP for email delivery
  • 20MB of PHP and Perl enabled web space
  • MySQL or PostgreSQL database facilities
  • The ability to host a WAP site in your web space
  • USENET News Service
  • Local Support forums
  • Local lists of UK Linux User Groups
  • Campaigns Section where you can see the issues that need your support
  • Hot Shops - a listing of the best commercial suppliers of products and services for Linux
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* - Free of subscription charges which is conditional upon you accessing the Internet via our UK dial in network access numbers which are charged at UK local rate, the charge for which is determined by your telephone services provider.

And remember, all the profits from go to funding/promoting Open Source/Free Software.

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